instagram prints
Here is a selection of my favourite Instagram photos, for your home, your workplace, or to give as a gift. Prints are supplied in 250mm frames ready to hang on your wall, and we ship worldwide.

Making these images is a bit different from the way in which my commercial work and portrait work is done, but it takes the same amount of effort to get the final picture as I want it. With just the iPhone, I sometimes go out with the express purpose of making a particular photograph, or as is more often the case, I stumble on some scene or object which interests me, often on my daily stroll with Woody (who is our German Shepherd).

As with any photo, once I'm happy with composition, light, focus and exposure etc., I begin by making a 'straight photograph' where I take a square image using the standard camera app. I then put the image through a series of enhancements, using a combination of apps to get it to the final photograph that you see here. Generally, I pre-visualise the finished result from the phone screen, and I prefer to photograph things with which I can make a definite connection, whether its emotional, historical, or contains some element of the location which raises my curiosity.

Prints are made and framed by me here in Wexford, using Hahnemuhle museum grade archival photo or fine art cotton rag paper, according to the subject matter.